of workloads and bliss

of workloads and bliss
for goals and amidst
the dreams of the past
we lose and get lost

the tide’s push and pull
never once standing still
darkness not unseen
or where one has been

a crazy world it must be
to fall down and feel
that much further the truth
would lie of it all

the sun in the sky
was never less shy
than today and beyond
moving incentive along


Feeling Strangely Fine

I’ve been living in your cassette
It’s the modern equivalent
Singing up to a Capulet
On a balcony in your mind

In the City the lion sleeps
Pray to Sony my soul to keep
Were you ever so bright and sweet
Did you ever look so nice

Semisonic — Singing In My Sleep

Lebensnotwendiger Wochenendeinkauf

Der Supermarkt um die Ecke. Volle Kassen zum Freitag Abend. Eine Mutter mit Kind vor mir. Das Kind fragt: “Mama, warum ist es so voll?” Die Mutter schaut das Kind an und sagt: “Na, die kaufen jetzt alle lebensnotwendigen Sachen für das Wochenende.”

Ich schaue auf das Band. Mein Einkauf besteht aus einer Flasche Rotwein. Mein Blick schweift weiter; der Einkauf hinter mir besteht aus einer Rotwein- und Weißweinflasche plus Tiefkühl-Lasange. Ich wende mich nach vorn und blicke kritisch in die Augen der Mutter. Dann lachen wir beide herzlich.

In the Spirit of Valentine’s

This the same place
No, not the same place
This is the same place, love
No, not the same place we’ve been before

Hey, love
I am a constant satellite
Of your blazing sun
My love
I obey your law of gravity
This is the fate you’ve carved on me
The law of gravity
This is the fate you’ve carved on me

Vienna Teng — Gravity

FreeBSD Desktop on the T400

The ThinkPad T Series is one of the most popular ever, which has led to consistent hardware design and broad support for it. Although the T400 was introduced in 2008 and produced up until 2010, it is very much suited to run the latest and greatest FreeBSD–10.1 in the current case. Here are the steps that led to a viable desktop installation using the i3 window manager, background info and a few security tips sprinkled on top.

FreeBSD Desktop on the T400 with xdm(1)


Development Workflow in OPNsense

It’s pretty hard for me to approach a larger repository I have never worked with. The biggest issue is that few projects have defined development (as in actual coding) workflow laid out for new contributors, so one is just going to be stabbing in the dark for a few days or weeks until things start making sense. Speaking of sense, let’s explain how we’ve designed the development experience for OPNsense and how you can start contributing code in no time.