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(written by Julius Späte & Franco Fichtner)

now, you’ve heard it all
still you’re standing tall
as if you don’t mind
never ever felt this way before
with you my wildest dreams come true
and then why aren’t we holding our hands?

so it plays out like it should
and so we waited like you said we would

now, you won’t say a word
still you’re giving up
as if you don’t care
just remember all those tunes
especially the cheesy ones
we’d play over and over again


never the same

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please turn around and say you can
remember things you’ve left undone
good times come and go without
giving notice, sending doubts
we all know the pain
we’ve been through the strain

senselessly helpless, a dead end
hitting a brickwall, all hopes bent
the best memories still remain
you wish for more of the same
we’re not to extend
we have to amend


the hardest game

there are things your father never told you
and how could he have known
of all the deep implications
fused in our very cores

he would have told you not to worry
because the rules can be learnt
and while you work on your posture
you’ll become that “better man”

the hardest game to play
the hardest game
and it can go
the hardest game to play
the hardest game
and it can go your way



don’t be loud
as part of the crowd
it’s not your play
mr. nice guy
it’s not the time
to be yourself
sit up straight
you can’t be late
money’s the thing
money’s your thing

we’d love to stay in school forever
while all the training there won’t matter
’cause there’s a world outside for worse or better
na, na, na, na, na…

they won’t hear
a thing you say
you don’t speak up
mr. good guy
thank you again
and off they go
what’s the use and
where’s your gain?


you and me

she’s coming round, it starts to rain
and I know she will complain about the
cold, wet night outside
I hope it will be one of those days
when she smiles upon first gaze
and all is fine for some time

it will always be you and me, babe
it will always be you and me, babe
it will always be you and me, babe
it will always be you and me


your world

you’ve come this far
so why should you give up now?
you fought this war
now there’s blood on your best boots

you speak of God
and everything he stands for
you twist your tongue
and only lies remain

the enemy
more or less yourself
those grounds you freed
grey areas at best

stop clinging to your world
it’s long gone, gone, gone
stop praying to your gods
they’ve been proven wrong, wrong, wrong