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and so it stops
before we got to fill
all those gaps
we never even saw
unfolding faith
on such fragile grounds

the faked smile
forming on your face
and the last lie
slipping off your lips
I know exactly
what you don’t say

now that you’re gone
and I’m not, so, I wonder
who is wrong

no, it feels okay
and I think it’s the way
it had to end



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there’s fire in your eyes
but who would have heard the cries
so faint in the night
trying to get things right

your smile is far away
only fading shades of grey
no, I can’t leave this place
here’s where I want to stay


delicate situation

“it’s delicate”
someone adds
do you know what you want?
they do the talking
we won’t
and I feel a strange comfort

quite calm
we all do what we can
but never enough, you guess
I can’t go and
you don’t want me to
is that already all?

taking me home
although not mine
this place ain’t so bad
drowning, mhhh
on the floor of truth
want some more or shall I keep it?



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you finally fell asleep again
I can’t follow you there yet
cause listening to you breathing
is all that is left of you

with the song you sang still in my ears
and your last words on my mind
I can’t put the phone down
cause then I’d send you away


void moments

so we say you’re looking older
no, you don’t lose your light
so they think you’re being colder
no, it’s just your daily work
so you feel you’re getting bolder
no, I think you’re still the same

wouldn’t it be nice of me to wake you up at dawn
help you out of bed and get you gone
wouldn’t it be nice of me to sing another song
though it sounds quite wrong
wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of these void moments
we can’t share
wouldn’t it be nice, dadadadadadada


far behind

far behind, ahead the ones we let pass by
’cause we don’t want new aims to find
we’ll get there right on time

far behind, no, not the end of the line
it’s not dark, let the light shine
on the dreams on your mind

far behind, though never ceasing to amaze
when others say we are just crazed
we’ll give them a lot to think about


hey, stay

don’t say those words
when you don’t know what they mean
and don’t play along
if you know what I mean
writing your name down on a sheet
thinking it’s something I would keep
to remind me of you
writing a song for you so sweet
thinking it’s something you would keep
to remind you of me

hey, I don’t want you to go
away, oh, please just
stay with me for another
day, and say we don’t play a
game, mhh, let tomorrow be the same