better than the rest

a subtle boy he was, a friend in need
kids are cruel we know, though we didn’t wanna see
he died alone with a plastic bag around his head
believing he took the quick way out of growing up

a handsome gal she was, my sweetest love
always by my side, through good and rainy days
I screwed up big time and lost her on the way
really miss her now, but then I shouldn’t make her stay


misplaced memories

I don’t know what to feel right now, it’s all blacked out
I don’t know what to say to you to ease the pain
I don’t know what to fix or leave broken on the floor
but I know that I’m a fool, don’t you think so too?

misplaced memories
floating around
I seem to drown
would you
sit here with me
help me to see
what a fool I’ve been
all these years



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Anna, let’s talk and share a night and drink some wine with me
we’re both wrecked, lost on a sea of thoughts and dreams
dry your tears because there is no need to cry tonight
tell me more about your fate and laugh a bit about it
I will write a song for us for all of them to hear, my dear
…write a song for all of them to hear…



she’s got a light in her eyes
but never tried to realize (that)
she has this gift in her mind
ever so graceful and kind
she values friends more than her own
why has no one shown (that)
she tries to cling to her past
it’s what got her here…

she was sick too many times to count
trying to make no sound (so)
she could be alone and think about
how to get rid of those black clouds
she fell in love and never tried to hide
he never left her side (so)
she would feel better in a while
it’s all he could do from there…



have you packed your stuff up
‘cos it’s a long way to the sub
take that frown off your face
this is just a stupid place
now the clock is running out
better hurry through the crowd
I’ll be here and wait in vain
I don’t think we’ll meet again

while passing through the zone
I’m watching things going on
people wandering near and far
wondering if someone’s a star
almost having forgot your name
good a friend had the same
maybe that’s cruel but hey
it doesn’t matter anyway



this isn’t where i wanted to be
look at the ghosts that haunted me
(they are still around)
took a breath, stopped here for water
it seems to turn into a darker
(shimmer every day)

the old things keep me bound, here,
in a corner of my soul

what if i find someone to get through?

finally grasping what is at stake
I got set back to a blank state
(is it so bad?)
falling from the highest clouds around
now seeing there is only one way out
(it’s not so bad)