she’s got a light in her eyes
but never tried to realize (that)
she has this gift in her mind
ever so graceful and kind
she values friends more than her own
why has no one shown (that)
she tries to cling to her past
it’s what got her here…

she was sick too many times to count
trying to make no sound (so)
she could be alone and think about
how to get rid of those black clouds
she fell in love and never tried to hide
he never left her side (so)
she would feel better in a while
it’s all he could do from there…

oh, it’s your life
oh, it’s your style to
choose a way through the night

she said lovely words and smiled
even talking about childs (when)
she sent songs that meant so much to him
both wore satisfying grins
she got some truth and peace of mind
though it was just from time to time (when)
she suddenly stopped to care
it’s what this song is for…

oh, it’s your time
oh, it’s your turn to
think of where you want to be

she made him feel like he’s alone
made him think she goes on on her own (and)
she never bothered to write a note
to leave it somewhere on his road
she’d rather try to hide
than tell what’s on her mind (and)
she never ever did that before
it’s all she does now…

oh, it’s your dream
oh, it’s your chance to
make a change today

no, it’s your life
no, it’s your style to
choose a way through the night

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