worst mistake

The worst mistake in my life
Were your eyes, your eyes, your eyes.
The worst turn which I took
Was to shut up, shut up, shut up.
The worst present I got
was your support, support, support.
Where love ought to be found
you tiptoed around, around and round.

Not much now does remain
except fiery flaming pain;
For it was all in vain, in vain, in vain:
You’re still the same, the same old same
and I’m to blame, to blame, to blame
for playing a game, your game, sad game.

treasure untampered

The words we say, the times they may
Eat up their essence each night and day;
And we are left with no more than
Hopes and dreams, which are too plain,
Not strong enough. Not grown up,
I’m told to be; lest following me
Into darkness with light infused:
‘Hear us calling! We are your muses!’

Surrender me, oh entity,
Up or below, or sympathy;
I can’t do, can’t you see,
What you ask of the world and me.
My friend in need, the way is steep,
Treading further, hollow beats
Of music far, yet familiar:
The song of mind, life’s formula.


the root of all evil

do something, nothing, much at all
what does it mean we fall
from grace
because I fear
to fail
to slip
to trip
and then again
and then once more
simply by opening a door
I do not wish to exist
but it’s always there
it has been since
civilization’s dawn
and maybe even before
who knows
and who cares
it’s there
and it will
always loom
I wish I’m strong enough
all the time
when I’m not
it tears me apart
great, great, great!
but then what?

out of focus

dig, reflect, turn back
just for now
in a moment it’s gone
so let it keep you warm
protect you from harm
with a pen, being stuck
in a moment it’s on
but now it’s gone

this bedroom never looked cleaner
it makes living in it a lot easier
some do not agree
does it stop the world?
will it make you yearn?
the day to step up may come
but for now I don’t get along