Cheap Shots from the Dull Side

It’s not often that I come across people that regularly use the word “lies” to address others. They do all kinds of dirty tricks, turn their narratives into truth and label all derivation thereof a blatant and offending lie. Gaping holes in their reasoning exist, but you’ll get a personal brush-off if you dare to go there. Opinions are not valued. Ideas and competition are bad. Discrediting others is a key element. They’ll point out simple flaws to show you they’re better, but missing the bigger picture: they messed up hard, and refuse to deal with their own inevitable undoing.

Fortunately, that’s not how the rest of the world works. I don’t know much, but I know that the world stops caring about those kinds of individuals very quickly. A grab for attention turns into demeaning talks, constant harassment to the point of online stalking. It’s annoying, but it’s just that. A sad state of mind. Grow up, shut up, get to work. Nobody will take that spewed poison long-term.

Then, there is no concept of truth in this world; the bigger your ego the more you’ll think you’re right and important and crucial. If you’re gifted, maybe you can pull it off. If not, you’re going to have a thousand sob stories that sum up to a whole life of struggle. Maybe that’s the Waste Land of the human condition that T.S. Elliot wrote about all those years ago. And nobody sees the world as it is; the world is seen as we are. And if we are demeaning and discrediting, we’ll always try to see that in others and how they are going to screw with us, how they devote their life not to make a better world, no, how they want to attack all that we tried so hard to accomplish against all odds, maybe even against the will of others because we know better. Wow.

What amazes me most is that there’s a general lack of understanding, miscommunication and resentment even when everybody just did move on. Neurotic behaviour elicits from the fact that tough decisions have been made, now all reactions of the outside are perceived to be either inline with their own plans or try to subvert their glorious empire. Things are crumbling away anyway. They have been for years now. If you try to block the way, maybe some will actually turn back. Others will punch you in the face. Others will pass by with a smirk on their face while you’re caught off-guard. Life is beautiful in its way to move on in resounding chaos, reshaping itself into sensible actions. You can try to push against that, but it would be a lot easier to go with the flow instead.

I guess I’m not a good person, hopefully not a bad one. I do, however, enjoy my fair share of Schadenfreude whenever I can. Invoking abundant ignorance and outright stupidity are my greatest achievement. You have been warned. Have a good day. See you at the finish line, whenever, wherever that may be.

One thought on “Cheap Shots from the Dull Side”

  1. Sounds not so nice, I’m a little bit confused, what I read between the lines. Hold your head up high, afaik you are no bad person. Just someone with a way full of washed out stone in a dried out river bad.

    Go on !!!


    the guy from the good old day back in LE

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