this isn’t where i wanted to be
look at the ghosts that haunted me
(they are still around)
took a breath, stopped here for water
it seems to turn into a darker
(shimmer every day)

the old things keep me bound, here,
in a corner of my soul

what if i find someone to get through?

finally grasping what is at stake
I got set back to a blank state
(is it so bad?)
falling from the highest clouds around
now seeing there is only one way out
(it’s not so bad)

old and new things keep on fighting
but it’s clear what will be left

what if we had never met?

avoiding life, here, on the playground
who would’ve thought what I had found?
(playing in the sand)
was, with the sweetest scent of light,
always talking ’bout her dark nights
(how they’d never end)
took her hand and said it’s alright
there is still much to hold on tight
(never too late)

new things keep on climbing
following the traces of my soul
what if we are togehter?
what when are in love?

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