so much love

The things you say and the things you do
Line up when the skies are blue
But it rains most of your days

A hide and seek championship
Trophy high on your achievement list
Yeah, it’s your greatest piece
(And I loved you all the same)

But you need space and a helping hand
And a careful kiss plus a superman
Tell me how I wronged you now?

So much for your patience
So much for your love
All this time wasted
On a written book


shut up

lost and found
with no one around
I’d like to be proud but
it’s hard to get noticed

roaming around
in, out of town
without any sound
the whirlwinds are sweeping
the pace I’m keeping

don’t you grow cold in your heart
tearing a lifetime apart
though all your skies these days feel grey
oh, shut up and lead the way
cause I won’t make it without you
and I wish you’d see this truth



you stand there framed, joking, while on the inside I’m choking, but say ‘hi’
with a flaming sense of redness and that black dress but I digress, never mind
I’d like to kill my good friend, but I thank him for the time spent with your surprise

well I guess you got invited, though I couldn’t have decided, it’s a mess
my home is sorta dirty, but you feel that it is worthy, quite polite
so after some more beer and white wine we do end up here, that makes two



tons of good music and lovely evenings aligned
the stuff I believe in, it’s bluntly sweeping your mind
concerts supreme, no matter a ride to the stars
another great memory forever burnt into my heart
the stories we shared, lessons we learned, they’d suffice
why couldn’t it stay, because it was rather nice by itself

you said you don’t remember a thing
and while you blame all those drinks
I’d say love is never free
all kingdoms burst eventually


when people change

see I’m on my way / to save the day / like I always do
I think you’ll find / we are much alike / you could be me one day
but you must adjust / we need to discuss / your attitude

I’ll always say / if it’s okay / to do this or that
I’m on the phone / if you feel alone / 24/7
but don’t run around / with your frown / and tell what you feel