perfect sunday (without you)

the sun blinds with ease
wave after wave of memories
and I can’t focus on my thoughts
background chatting comes and goes

am I here to forget?
no, I can’t, I’ll just regret
that I am not someone
to understand the master plan

it should be a perfect sunday
it would’ve been a perfect sunday
but it can’t be a perfect sunday
without you

getting out, not giving in
we both contributed sins
to make the days one hour short
running away is a popular sport



when the moments pass out
and the clock stops to count
and all fades to black
I got thrown off the track

I don’t think I can look into your eyes
as you tell me how the evening went
the things I’ve done and said there
still you’re keeping a bit to yourself
afraid to ask I bite on my lips
and try to apologize once more

when I finally wake up
with a large memory gap
and a feeling that’s not quite
the way that I would like


in next winter

as the last summer went off
as the fall began to knock
as the doors all fell shut
with way too much vines to cut
a lost summer

when the new winter comes
when the cold wind blows along
when the fall quietly fades out
and the leaves freeze on the ground
in next winter

it won’t always be like this (no, no, no, no)
we do a great job to forget (oh, oh, oh, oh)
it will all be over soon (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
just one more winter to get through (ah, ah, ah, ah)


la la la

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I said: “you think too much
about the stuff you can’t touch,
but if you wanna make a change,
take your pen and write away,
add another line to
la la la…”

you said: “play this song again,
we can both sing along,
and forget for a while,
hoarding work, there, on a pile,
just out of sight, let’s sing
la la la…”