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Anna, let’s talk and share a night and drink some wine with me
we’re both wrecked, lost on a sea of thoughts and dreams
dry your tears because there is no need to cry tonight
tell me more about your fate and laugh a bit about it
I will write a song for us for all of them to hear, my dear
…write a song for all of them to hear…

Anna, you helped me get back on my feet after all these years, and
subconsciously, you taught me that it’s worth to believe
in fate and love and the other sides of this life
even if it’s just for a while, I wanna be the guy
to hold your hand until we can no longer hide away, my girl
…can no longer hide away…

Anna, you tried to push me away when you said that I
don’t want your shattered mind, no more burden in my life
and I must say you were so beautiful this night, all the while
I don’t know if I can be the one you’re waiting for
but I will try my best to shed the light on your mind, my love
…to shed the light on your mind, my love…

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