misplaced memories

I don’t know what to feel right now, it’s all blacked out
I don’t know what to say to you to ease the pain
I don’t know what to fix or leave broken on the floor
but I know that I’m a fool, don’t you think so too?

misplaced memories
floating around
I seem to drown
would you
sit here with me
help me to see
what a fool I’ve been
all these years

why is it so hard to talk about the things we want
why do I keep running away from you – what you wouldn’t do
why do we cry every time we try to speak of this, and
I really don’t get why you are still here, my sweetest love

misplaced memories
I say I’m sorry
but don’t know
if you wanna hear
not being in love
would never hurt
so bad like it does
when we now meet

misplaced memories
now knowing they mean
more than they seemed
to you and me
I surrender my heart
be cruel if you want
guess it’s too late
for the final chance
to make it right

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