away from home

voices pass, voices raise
some are distant
some full of praise
for things we do, allegedly
it means much
if you master language
and nationality
for a few that may be all
but others learn
it’s not the call
to arms
it’s how you manage
to survive
to grow
and strive
or hand in hand
there’s no better end

people are, people will ever be
the same, however different they may seem
and friendly sounds are everywhere
you crave for their attention
for their own affairs
but as comforting as conversations are
they don’t mean a thing
they are not there
or today
they are just distant stories to tell
to no one but yourself
to go to sleep
to sleep quite well

pick pitches that you may like
they are always close
even if you don’t try
they ring deep, from afar
it doesn’t matter who and what you are
they comfort, they give hope
they are good and they are old
they never change, they always are
through night, mist, clouds as well as war
with you wherever you are

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