treasure untampered

The words we say, the times they may
Eat up their essence each night and day;
And we are left with no more than
Hopes and dreams, which are too plain,
Not strong enough. Not grown up,
I’m told to be; lest following me
Into darkness with light infused:
‘Hear us calling! We are your muses!’

Surrender me, oh entity,
Up or below, or sympathy;
I can’t do, can’t you see,
What you ask of the world and me.
My friend in need, the way is steep,
Treading further, hollow beats
Of music far, yet familiar:
The song of mind, life’s formula.

In the shadow, buried deep,
The precious, our life must be.
Descent and leave; returning
Stronger than ever, with a burning
Desire to grow for ever and ever.
I do remember, outside the door
You found me transformed;
Why stay behind, acting bored?

With every page turning, and flipping
The context, eventually clipping,
Moving me to territory unknown;
My fault, now reaping what was sown.
I wish there was, somewhere hidden,
A way to bring her and the kitten
Along the journey, oh marvellous flight,
To things greater than such obscure plight.

My greatest fear was her demise,
Cracking then, whilst nothing sufficed.
When strength I could not offer
And drowning, we both would suffer.
Gentle though, her whole embrace:
‘It’s okay to cry,’ running from her face;
Intending relief of pressure we keep
Heavy within, creating novelty.

You are my life, my glory,
The grace of light, the story
Of a girl, so true;
Wherever I go, I think of you,
Your proud steps, and progress sure,
Transcendent care, a love so pure,
And wonder why we weren’t ere long
Man and wife, now barely more than sore
Unintended, but always remembered:
My dearest treasure you are, untampered!

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