random thoughts

grace stays, flows, strays
and comes back like the wind
some things are true
others are pure
words, meanings
escape, state, fail
to express the
beauty of a moment
a moment without
a silent piece of doubt
bubbles up, bursts, splays
and back we are
in less than a day
and a night must end
to bring the sun up again
to shine, to glare
shedding light on
our darkest fears
rearrange, disappear
shift, shuffle, scream
it all out
it all about
soak, steam, vent
it isn’t worth a cent
of friendship
to pretend, to lie
to let the fruits fall from the skies
to burn, to rot, to shrink
this ship has sailed
out to sink



Act I – Those were the days

those were the days, old friend
a game of chess in the nightly sand
and then who might you be?
I don’t recall, amuse me

well, so I moved back from West to East
it was a silly place
but we sit here and linger
in folding chairs
am I right?

there’s a party, just a string of thought
a band, good food, and maybe you?
the upper class may tremble
forgive me, Sir
for I’d like to be a friend
time produces for too many strangers


from eternity to now

from eternity and back we go
ever further with a pace too slow
you’ve seen unfold the world ago
now here we are, sane, in, out, below

from here to point we’ve come
most of luck, much time be gone
for fold and wind have made undone
the work through work to miss the sun

from past to left the storm unfolds
not rain, no strain, nay love or so
words empty in the ringing cold
fade farther, older, yearning bold


words for sale

“honesty” I’d like to keep
but afraid it’ll be too steep
when “rationalization” clinically unfolds
some facts are better off untold

“sanity” I wouldn’t mind to lose
if I had a greater good to choose
like “love” but apparently it’s out
of my hands yet literally all around

a penny for your “thoughts” in hope
it’s consistent with what you cope
and that beautiful “mind” to finally share
the fragile “peace” about which I care


the funky tale of miss j

have I said this enough
you’re the best, I confess
the queen of cheesy tunes
though you don’t like the name
I don’t mind, it’s true

I need hours to come down
from the clouds you put me on
when we meet and talk
the clock slows to a halt
while time moves on so strong
it moves on, and we along

I can’t wrap my head around
what you’re doing to me
you burn all my fuses out
and it feels like supposed script


city lights

a waking morning, cold and fresh
headlights flashing, drawing lines
the city’s pulsing beat, strong and clear
take me along and be my guide
through tall grey buildings
in front of painted blue and reddish skies

a dream of dreams, of things to do
will we ever finish them all?
still we’ll get done what needs to be done
and not what we want, that’s clear
so empty your coffee and grab your things
and walk through desert silent valleys
in a city that also never sleeps


walk in the park

“good night” you said
“I don’t want to ellaborate”
of course, you never do

“sleep well” I added
thinking I will regret it
of course, I always do

when you’re feeling sad
don’t blame me like that
of course, you still do

now I’m feeling down
no tolerance, no frown
of course, why should you

flashbacks of memories
don’t leave, please
of course, you need to

they are all cruel
so don’t be fooled
of course, just my view