of workloads and bliss

of workloads and bliss
for goals and amidst
the dreams of the past
we lose and get lost

the tide’s push and pull
never once standing still
darkness not unseen
or where one has been

a crazy world it must be
to fall down and feel
that much further the truth
would lie of it all

the sun in the sky
was never less shy
than today and beyond
moving incentive along

so I click on its link and
yield to many new things
that happen or won’t
as long as there’s us
whatever that means

* * *

in closing let’s say
my heart sings with joy
through one wake-up kiss
of workloads and bliss

One thought on “of workloads and bliss”

  1. Pretty neat and touching Franco. They say that a Poem is the easiest way of expressing. What is behind this?

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