the truth in between

I’ve done all you ever asked of me
but I won’t repeat last year’s mistakes
just because you try

you don’t even have the guts to say
you’re sorry and that this friendship
is way over your head

no apologies, you feel
how do you come up with this shit in your head?
finding no excuse, you’re lost
is that why you act like a self-centered bitch?

I’m really sorry for being nice to you
I should have learned that you like to
be treated like crap long ago

and thanks for reminding me what
a bad person I’ve been at your side
it’s so unkind

you’re not worth a dime
you can’t even take a nice word as it is
you’ll never be fine
and the best, I won’t have to give a damn about that

and for the record
I’ve got all the right in the world
to say those things, because if I won’t
I wouldn’t be your friend

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