some days

she said “people never change”
“you should put that in a frame”
“on a wall so you can mind”
“all the misery you’ll find”
“and the pain you do induce”
“it happens when you choose”
“to forget the love inside”
“are you sure you can abide?”

some things in life are sure
some are just pure
spectaculation and imagination
and we always want more
but mostly that’s just a blur of
reality in our fucked up heads

then I realized the truth:
all needs time to become smooth
and I can’t try to push
unless I want it all to flush
’cause if I really care enough
there is nothing wrong with love
I can be the better man
I’ve been trying to be all along

some days in life do suck
some are really good
some days are quite cruel
when I can’t be with you
some days I just know
I deeply miss you
and I hope you still feel so too

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