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who cares

yes, do go on
just be gone
I’ll get all the help I need
you perceive
not your grief
you can’t depend on me
so tell me
who you’ve been
no, you’re no friend of mine

how does it feel to be wrong?
to get your nose severely burnt?
does your dad know what you’ll do?
you’ll break his heart
his heart, his heart
his heart some day


a long way

I’ve come along way
rushing life
no, a lot of truth
not many lies
just kidding when I say
“coming down with 25”
(it’s good to be alive)

but still a long way to go
more lessons to learn
let them come
and still a lot to be seen
it’s the cause to stay keen
I’m aware

chasing tomorrow
starting today
with no directions
you can’t stray
so let’s find some rules
and choose to not obey
(we’ll go a long way)


some days

she said “people never change”
“you should put that in a frame”
“on a wall so you can mind”
“all the misery you’ll find”
“and the pain you do induce”
“it happens when you choose”
“to forget the love inside”
“are you sure you can abide?”

some things in life are sure
some are just pure
spectaculation and imagination
and we always want more
but mostly that’s just a blur of
reality in our fucked up heads


the truth in between

I’ve done all you ever asked of me
but I won’t repeat last year’s mistakes
just because you try

you don’t even have the guts to say
you’re sorry and that this friendship
is way over your head

no apologies, you feel
how do you come up with this shit in your head?
finding no excuse, you’re lost
is that why you act like a self-centered bitch?



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do you like to think you’re priviledged? (yeah, you do)
do you know you have a lot of courage? (it’s not sub-par)
do you want to make things different? (then try)



so many streets from home
my feet hurt and I don’t
seem to mind the strain
it must be true: no pain, no gain
don’t mind me waiting here alone

a distorted, blurry sight
accompains me in these nights
while wandering near and far
I’m pondering how you are
do you mind me waiting here alone?

it’s never easy to say “no”
it’s mostly awkward doing so
but in the end it’s for the best
I guess…


window view

ordinary, but different
interesting and not
a day to day scene
I seem to be lost in between

cars stopping, moving on
people walking home
nothing special, nothing new
it’s just another window view

and I, I’m thinking of you
well, I am thinking
I, I am just thinking
I’m thinking of you

spicy flavors in my cheek
same hot fix like every week
but nothing else feels new
beside the strangest window view