About Guidance

‘O my loved guide, who more than seven times
Security hast rendered me, and drawn
From peril deep, whereto I stood exposed,
Desert me not,’ I cried, ‘in this extreme.
And, if our onward going be denied,
Together trace we back our steps with speed.’

My liege, who thither had conducted me,
Replied: ‘Fear not: for of our passage none
Hath power to disappoint us, by such high
Authority permitted. But do thou
Expect me here; meanwhile, thy wearied spirit
Comfort, and feed with kindly hope, assured
I will not leave thee in this lower world.’

This said, departs the sire benevolent,
And quits me. Hesitating I remain
At war, ‘twixt will and will not, in my thoughts.

Dante – The Divine Comedy, Inferno 8

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