the true ending of “don’t”

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can you, can you think it is alright
that we live our separate lifes
from now on and until the end of…

days passed, without seeing what they meant
without giving us a chance
to make our love like it was before…

the storm, thunder roaring through the night
we can’t pretend that it’s what you and I
are seeking…mhh mmhhh mhh

with tears in my eyes
i hold your hand and set you free
and hope it’s right….in time

remember, our finest days were swiss
or the night we first kissed
and said “I love you”, I have to say I…

meant it, from the bottom of my soul
to make this world a place not so cold
and find the reason to be…

here, with you to share our hearts
ever hoping this were our cards
of fortune… mh mhh mhhh mhhh

we don’t throw it all away
there were lovely times that
I will surely miss forever…and maybe more

still we, we got lost along the way
never knew the things to say
to make it better or…

worth while, though we didn’t get it right
no more helping us because of false pride
and fear of…

things to come or not at all
no matter what we did was one step
further away from us…

nothing wrong with moving on
until we find someone that
we can believe in…in our own love

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