when the moments pass out
and the clock stops to count
and all fades to black
I got thrown off the track

I don’t think I can look into your eyes
as you tell me how the evening went
the things I’ve done and said there
still you’re keeping a bit to yourself
afraid to ask I bite on my lips
and try to apologize once more

when I finally wake up
with a large memory gap
and a feeling that’s not quite
the way that I would like

I don’t think we met under the best terms
and if I could go back I’d do it different
curse or gift that I can’t remember
I’m not the one to decide
and you just seem to see through it all
without any grudge for me

I don’t think I should have been there
that wasn’t really me that night
please let me make it up to you
another “thank you” is simply not enough
plus a good story to mock me frequently…
…I hope you know I would have done the same for you

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