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When I’m writing, I think of the whole academic world; I know what they think, and they don’t think what I think. I just have to say, Let the guillotine come down; you’ve got me kid, but you’re gonna get this message. I always feel as though I were going through a Simpeglades that’s just about to close, but I get through before I let that thought come to me. And it’s a very strange feeling of holding–actually, intellectually, holding–that door open to get this thought out. Now that’s, that’s the way to do it. Don’t think about the negative side. There are going to be negatives and they are going to come down and that’s like washing the dishes, you know? You’ve got to hold the door open to do anything that hasn’t been done before. You have to do your thing, you have to hold all the criticism in abeyance. I’m sure that that’s an experience that everyone has in life. In writing, you have it all the time in a minor way, getting that sentence out.

Joseph Campbell – Pathways To Bliss

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