words for sale

“honesty” I’d like to keep
but afraid it’ll be too steep
when “rationalization” clinically unfolds
some facts are better off untold

“sanity” I wouldn’t mind to lose
if I had a greater good to choose
like “love” but apparently it’s out
of my hands yet literally all around

a penny for your “thoughts” in hope
it’s consistent with what you cope
and that beautiful “mind” to finally share
the fragile “peace” about which I care

with pure “anxiety” it’s hard to promote
not all we crave is forever gone and cold
we do remember those serene times despite
“saturation” lost is just “black” and “white”

there’s a “we” in “awe” for how
life doesn’t want to let us down
though “fate” and “fortune” never twice
ask for your “opinion” or “advice”

“implications” sell like candy pops
to people who can’t get enough
and explicitly “luck” you think must be
a reward for being the sweet busy bee

if there was a word to sum it up
I’d trade them all and this coffee cup
I’d give it all and would garner
your name to speak, spell, breathe
it’s “Jana”

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