who cares

yes, do go on
just be gone
I’ll get all the help I need
you perceive
not your grief
you can’t depend on me
so tell me
who you’ve been
no, you’re no friend of mine

how does it feel to be wrong?
to get your nose severely burnt?
does your dad know what you’ll do?
you’ll break his heart
his heart, his heart
his heart some day

run away
feel the rush in your veins
your mind’s need
can you compete with your fate?
’cause it’s late
and might break
who are you to decide

when and where you need your peace?
who and what you deserve on lease?
does your mom get what’s driving you?
don’t break her heart
her heart, her heart
her heart into parts

just so you know
I hate soaps
but I love a foolish grasp
and your grace
it fails
ignorance won’t apprehend
don’t care
please spare
any excuse you may conceive

you’re feeding trolls when you say
I was in line all of the way
I’ll refuse to mime your conscience
it would break your heart
your heart, your heart
you’ll never know, oh, oh
and who cares?
who cares?

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