Uninvited Guests

It was a day like any other in this slow summer. He had just started to wind down from an interesting Friday. A friend called, but he really wasn’t in the mood to go out. “That’s fine, but listen: I’m coming round in a bit and we’ll go grab a beer somewhere.” Alright then, he thought and carried on with doing nothing of worth. The flat looked dirty and unorganised. After all he had moved in a couple of weeks ago and not all of the furniture had been bought yet. It’s alright, he thought again, because I’m the only one who sees this.

The door bell rang a while later. “Hey, I got these two awesome people here–can we come up?” Of course, he reluctantly mumbled and opened the front door. In a panic reaction, he picked up some kitchen stuff and put it into a drawer so it didn’t look too shabby there. Is there more to do? Definitely, but there’s no time. He opened the flat door. A lovely lady stood there and made a smirk remark about their mutual friend. They both laughed and introduced themselves. Although he was smiling, his inner self wreaked havoc.

After a small tour everyone crashed on the sofa. After all, the cat needed to be observed in action. She actually did not run; instead, she took a sniff of all the new visitors and lay down beside the sofa in eyeing distance. He apologised for the inconvenience of the flat’s state; everyone else was polite enough to not notice. They went to grab a beer shortly after. An hour turned into two, a short evening into a longer night with other locations to visit.

At some point during the night he asked himself how he got there, but it was just the way things always happen in life: taking chances, talking to new people and seeing where things might lead. It turned out to be a fascinating evening full of unique experiences. He went home late without any agenda, but concluded it had been a fantastic evening with future opportunities looming in the distance. He smiled and thought of that lady in particular. He was pretty sure that he would not forget her.

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