and so it stops
before we got to fill
all those gaps
we never even saw
unfolding faith
on such fragile grounds

the faked smile
forming on your face
and the last lie
slipping off your lips
I know exactly
what you don’t say

now that you’re gone
and I’m not, so, I wonder
who is wrong

no, it feels okay
and I think it’s the way
it had to end

a walk in the park
they said it would be
just like before
I realized
that it hurts
to give a heart away, hey, hey

find someone new
no, that’s not
what I want
is the perfect love to
come along
and wake me from this dream

now that you’re gone
and I’m not, so, I ponder
what is real

no, you’re right
I’m not your type
I never was

the one that you loved
the one that you could
put on your shelf

the one that you touched
the one that you tossed away

and now that it’s raining
I must say I’m straining
to cope with

what makes a man and
what takes it to be someone
who can be loved

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