state of mind

I like the way you look when you’re happy
I like to hear you talk even though you’re depressed
and I sure love that you can laugh about my jokes
when I know they are far below your high standards

I’m still a bit scared about the fact that
we have grown close like we’ve know us for a mild while too long now
but it have almost only been two great months
with the prominence of your presence in this world

sometimes I can’t think of what to do with you
and ceasing to ponder just makes it worse
I feel I know what you want but you never seem to
wake up, it’s not your sleeping beauty’s dream

I guess there is still a lot of work ahead of us
from the structural innovation to the little things
like you need to talk and fight for what you want
I don’t want to see you down…

and if you should ask what it is that keeps me here
by your side singing all those words aloud
when it looks like a sad game from my perspective
I think that is not how it should end for you

for me it’s clear that you have all the cards you need
and have read all the books that you could possibly match to
your so-called deadlocked state of mind
I don’t want to see you cry…

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