random thoughts

grace stays, flows, strays
and comes back like the wind
some things are true
others are pure
words, meanings
escape, state, fail
to express the
beauty of a moment
a moment without
a silent piece of doubt
bubbles up, bursts, splays
and back we are
in less than a day
and a night must end
to bring the sun up again
to shine, to glare
shedding light on
our darkest fears
rearrange, disappear
shift, shuffle, scream
it all out
it all about
soak, steam, vent
it isn’t worth a cent
of friendship
to pretend, to lie
to let the fruits fall from the skies
to burn, to rot, to shrink
this ship has sailed
out to sink

* * *

but it is getting
way too dark
again, again, again
there seems to be
no end
no start
no destination
let it be
let it be

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