from eternity to now

from eternity and back we go
ever further with a pace too slow
you’ve seen unfold the world ago
now here we are, sane, in, out, below

from here to point we’ve come
most of luck, much time be gone
for fold and wind have made undone
the work through work to miss the sun

from past to left the storm unfolds
not rain, no strain, nay love or so
words empty in the ringing cold
fade farther, older, yearning bold

from up to out it may us bring
a heart, the bees, the cautious stings
wounds heal, tear, tide must sing
compassion, that old wondrous thing!

from off to in with over score
point, quote, dash, pound, evermore
the plain paper’s plaining sore
reads, breathes, lives in mythic lore

from right to now in giant steps
letters looming, pushing on in caps:
we drive, be friend, the closing gap

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