Act I – Those were the days

those were the days, old friend
a game of chess in the nightly sand
and then who might you be?
I don’t recall, amuse me

well, so I moved back from West to East
it was a silly place
but we sit here and linger
in folding chairs
am I right?

there’s a party, just a string of thought
a band, good food, and maybe you?
the upper class may tremble
forgive me, Sir
for I’d like to be a friend
time produces for too many strangers

fine wine, herbs, schnapps and more
until the morning knocks with iron fists
you had too much
but not to worry about the gist

Act II – Of Workloads

introduce yourself!

you like to work
proper qualification, yes
we don’t need that here

manage yourself!

you seem to strive
so much it hurts
we could use that here

indulge yourself!

you tend to cope
building, changing
we must have you here

the work it goes, flows, flowers
never mind the working hours
we tackle this and that and more
I’ll go talk to the people on the door

because I like
how I like
to see myself

I would say thank you if I had the time
oh, there is more, much more to grind

Act III – Overdrive

my child, my life, my wife, my friend
are things that do not cope and blend
I work so well, I’m feeling swell
and you don’t talk to me
I am your friend
you should pretend
we built, we drew, we won, we go
on, on, on
every tiny bit according to my plan
fiercely executed, have you seen?
one day, you learn to be as keen
but don’t bite the hand that feeds
your tweets, your blogs, your friends they talk
and I get angry at their very thoughts

I do not fail
I do not falter
I do not better
I do not alter

I will screw you to the worst
and if you don’t say thank you

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