Eine Kreissäge weiter

Eine Bitte über das Grundstück zu bloggen später. Probieren wir es einmal mit verwirrender und chronologisch nicht sinnvoller Reihenfolge. Ein Feierabendbericht mit einer Kreissäge.

Es ist Donnerstag. Gerade von der Arbeit und 3 Umleitungen in Leipzig später ist das neue Grundstück auch schon in Reichweite. Moment, neues Grundstück? Vielleicht eine Geschichte für später.

Die Kreissäge von Thomas verrichtet seinen Dienst. Wir sind ja gerade dabei ein Tor zu ersetzen das auch nur ersetzt werden musste, weil die Abrissfirma etwas übereifrig war. Moment, Abrissfirma? Vielleicht eine Geschichte für später.


Twitter, bye-bye

Hi there,

After a long process of thought I’ve deactivated my personal Twitter. Reasons are numerous ranging from saturation of daily political clown news, the new Twitter layout being a total mess, not wanting to deal with certain characters anymore, to wanting to spend more time with private projects such as taking care of our new property and reviving this blog. Let’s see how this goes, shall we? :)


About Today

For there is no divinely ordained authority any more that we have to recognise. There is no anointed messenger of God’s law. In our world today all civil law is conventional. No divine authority is claimed for it: no Sinai; no Mount of Olives. Our laws are enacted and altered by human determination, and within their secular jurisdiction each of us is free to seek his own destiny, his own truth, to quest for this or for that and to find it through his own doing. The mythologies, religions, philosophies, and modes of thought that came into being six thousand years ago and out of which all the monumental cultures both of the Occident and of the Orient — of Europe, the Near and Middle East, the Far East, even early America — derived their truths and lives, are dissolving from around us, and we are left, each on his own to follow the star and spirit of his own life.


Cheap Shots from the Dull Side

It’s not often that I come across people that regularly use the word “lies” to address others. They do all kinds of dirty tricks, turn their narratives into truth and label all derivation thereof a blatant and offending lie. Gaping holes in their reasoning exist, but you’ll get a personal brush-off if you dare to go there. Opinions are not valued. Ideas and competition are bad. Discrediting others is a key element. They’ll point out simple flaws to show you they’re better, but missing the bigger picture: they messed up hard, and refuse to deal with their own inevitable undoing.


About Remission

In sum, then: The inward journey of the mythological hero, the shaman, the mystic, and the schizophrenic are in principle the same; and when the return or remission occurs, it is experienced as a rebirth: the birth, that is to say, of a “twice-born” ego, no longer bound in by its daylight-world horizon. It is now known to be but the reflex of a larger self, its proper function being to carry the energies of an archetypal instinct system into fruitful play in a contemporary space-time daylight situation. One is now no longer afraid of nature; nor of nature’s child, society–which is monstrous too, and in fact cannot be otherwise; it would otherwise not survive. The new ego is in accord with all this, in harmony, at peace; and, as those who have returned from the journey tell, life is then richer, stronger, and more joyous.



Na gut, dann ist es jetzt doch so weit. Oder aber auch nicht. Es gibt ja dies und das zu berichten, aber so richtig zufrieden bin ich mit den zeitlichen Umständen dann doch nicht. Wie man es auch macht, macht man es verkehrt; und wenn man sich äußert, dann wird es negativ ausgelegt. Eigentlich kein Problem, aber irgendwie schon. Ist halt kompliziert. Ich versuche es trotzdem mal. Da müsst ihr jetzt durch.